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November 01, 2021 1 min read 2 Comments

Red Cone Pass, Montezuma Colorado 

The rocky and steep trail climbs the Red Cone Mountain Peak at an elevation of 12,801 feet above sea level. The Red Cone Pass is one of the unusual dirt tracks in Colorado because of its distinctive shape and color. Unfortunately, it goes along a steep gravel road that is quite dangerous. If you are no expert, you might want to opt for a less risky route, as this is great for alpine driving experts. 

The route has many potholes, loose rocks, cliffs, and other obstacles that have led to the death or injury of visitors from time to time. However, the scenic views and occasional glimpses of mountain goats will satiate your risk. There is room for 15 vehicles to park on reaching the summit as adventurers enjoy the scenery. Nevertheless, this route is reviewed as dangerous. The best time to visit is May and October.

  • Tip
  • Be sure to avoid driving along the slope's edge for safety purposes.

  • Location
  • The trail is located near Dillon, Park County, withinPike National forest.

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