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Nimbus Hardshell Roof Top Tent

Introducing our Nimbus Hardshell Roof Top Tent, a high-quality, lightweight hardshell rooftop tent that’s built to last. The angular design features multiple doors and windows for smooth airflow and visibility – giving you a beautifully immersive camping adventure.

Tons of amenities likes LED Lighting, large windows and a window vent near the front of the vehicle, not to mention the luxurious memory foam mattress that makes for a comfy night under the stars.

Our Nimbus also includes our diesel heater port built directly into the tent canvas.

OPEN INTERIOR: L: 82" W: 49" H: 58"
BED BOARD SIZE: L: 80" W: 49"
CLOSED: L 82" W: 51" H: 8.27"

171 LBS

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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
greg thompson

This is our second rooftop tent. The first was from a very popular brand and was a hardshell (box) style. We spent over 50 nights in it over the year and a half that we owned it and we thought it was amazing. Unfortunately, we were unaware that the shell had cracked and after three months in the PNW winter, we opened it to find it was filled with mold. We were heartbroken.

As we looked to replace it, I happened to see an add for 4x4 Colorado. As I browsed the site, we first looked at the stratus as it was the same style, but then we saw the Nimbus. We had looked at a wedge style tent in the past, but felt it was “cramped” due to the layout of the toe box. I immediately called the company and spoke to Blaine. He walked me through the pros and cons and we decided to go for it.

We had a slight problem with the shipping company, but Chris at 4x4 Colorado was fantastic and helped us sort through the issues.

After a half dozen nights in the mountains over four weeks, I am ready to sing the praises of the 4x4 Colorado Nimbus. IT IS AMAZING!!!! The Nimbus is so much better than our previous tent.

First of all, it can easily be put up and taken down by one person. My wife and I still set up and tear down together, but it is so much easier. The biggest advantage is than the tent stays in place when you close it halfway as opposed to popping back up. This makes packing up a breeze. The latches are super strong, but also easy to close.

The fabric on the tent is heavy duty and the zippers are high quality. The fit and finish of the tent is first class. The black out material is truly black out. If it is completely closed, you would never know that it was morning.

The heater port is tight to get the hose in, but works perfectly. The upper window under the rain fly works perfect with the toe box window to vent some of the heat out when using our diesel heater.

The struts, pockets, shoe bag, organizer roof pockets are all amazing. We opted to upgrade to the Cloud Comfort Mattress and have not been disappointed.

The Nimbus feels so roomy. We never feel cramped when inside and not having struts at our head area is fantastic.

Honestly, I could go on and on about the greatness of the Nimbus. The ladder does not hurt my bare feet, the outer shell is solid, the seal is beefy and we have had no water issues. We cannot wait for the PNW summer and more opportunities to stay in the Nimbus.

Jon Stoltz
Awesome tent

Got the tent installed and went straight to King of the Hammers out in Johnson Valley California. If you have ever been you know the wind can be crazy this tent held up to huge wind gust like a champ. I got the upgraded mattress and I think it might be more comfortable than my home bed. Used it 6 nights and we both slept great. The diesel heater port is nice touch too. Great quality build and very sturdy tent.

Steve Stisser
Amazing tent and even better service!

I love supporting local businesses and could not be more pleased with 4X4 Colorado. The owner, Blaine, is the nicest guy you will meet and customer service is second to none. The Nimbus tent I purchased is built to last, has great features you won't find in competitor's tents and is exactly what I was looking for. The heavy canvas will last a lifetime, repel any weather, and blocks out practically all light when all zipped up for sleeping in or for mid-day naps in the dark (cannot stress enough how high quality the material is compared to the lightweight stuff you will find in other tents; this is what really sold it for me). High quality zippers and hardware top it off, along with the built-in awning, a great collapsible ladder, included memory foam mattress (firm, but comfortable and an even more plush upgraded mattress is available), anti-condensation mat, interior storage panel, LED light strip, large hang-able shoe/cargo bag; the works! The expanding foot box in the front is what really sets this tent apart and maximizes sleeping space inside for tall people and this is the only tent of this type I've seen with a built in heat shielded diesel heater port; awesome if you need it and invisible if you don't. They also offer tons of accessories (tent-top racks, diesel heaters, tent-side track accessory mounts, etc.) and I have no doubt they will stand behind their products if you ever need parts or service. Now I just need Spring to arrive so I can get up in the mountains and put it to use! If you're on the fence, take the leap; you won't be disappointed!

Joey Arender
Well worth the wait!

I haven’t spent a single night in it yet but upon receiving my Nimbus the quality stands out! athe breeze will be extremely nice in this tent! The mattress is firm yet plush, the fabric feels tough as the tent looks.
Are there things I don’t like, sure, but i’ll get used to them and feel this tent blows away my former mini. A little heavier but a lot beefier.

There where some shipping let downs that cost me a few days on a trip, It was a let down but there are very few thing in life that’s worth getting mad about! esp anything camping! Wanna get mad, get mad at cancer, it’s the real thief of time and days. Nonetheless , Chris and the guys handled everything great and even me bothering them with excellent CS! I can’t wait to hit the road and put my Nimbus to use!

Gordon Boylan

good quality, easy set up. comfortable night sleep.