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Nimbus Hardshell Roof Top Tent

Introducing our Nimbus Hardshell Roof Top Tent, a high-quality, lightweight hardshell rooftop tent that’s built to last. The angular design features multiple doors and windows for smooth airflow and visibility – giving you a beautifully immersive camping adventure.

Tons of amenities likes LED Lighting, large windows and a window vent near the front of the vehicle, not to mention the luxurious memory foam mattress that makes for a comfy night under the stars.

Our Nimbus also includes our diesel heater port built directly into the tent canvas.

OPEN INTERIOR: L: 82" W: 49" H: 58"
BED BOARD SIZE: L: 80" W: 49"
CLOSED: L 82" W: 51" H: 8.27"

171 LBS


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Phillip Dottenwhy
New tent

Slept in it twice already and love it!!!!!

Chris Mann
The Perfect Tent

This is my 3rd RTT and probably my last. Super quick setup, quality materials.

Garabed Minasian
Exploratory avenues of sleeping on top of your auto

I received Nimbus hardshell roof top tent just recently. To secure on a 23 l/r defender, it required four [4] individuals to hoist up the Nimbus onto OEM rack.
After sliding the fasteners onto the bottom rail and aligning the Nimbus it was straight forward securing the unit onto rack.
A suggestion/idea for l/r defender owners with the expedition rack which is manufactured by Thule, Powerful UK 3D prints Roof Rack Mount Clamp for the Land Rover Defender L663 - Kit C. This clamp specifically is contoured to the shape of the cross bars.
Another point, if you order a Nimbus with cross rails the system currently needs rethought. Currently the cross rails are fixed located by four [4] fasteners. If you were to mount maybe a solar panel or other accessories with particular spacing you have to loosen all four fasteners and realign them with either the predetermined holes that are there or drilling new ones to suit correct spacing.
I would like to see the crossbars that mount on the extruded aluminum. This way one can place 8mm fasteners to a crossbar and reposition it to your liking.
Its nicely manufactured and robust in design. Good stuff!!

Ed Hernandez
Nimbus RTT

I'm new to ownership of a RTT but have been around plenty that my friends own. First of all, the tent is packaged very well and was shipped damage free. After unboxing my initial thought was that the tent looked very well built.
I planned to mount the tent on a Front Runner Slimline II rack but could not use the supplied mounts since the Nimbus is slightly wider than the rack. I had to get the Front Runner tent mounts which raised the tent enough to clear the outer frame of the rack and decided to go with 6 mounts to reduce the chance of rattling when driving. Which is doesn't.
My initial use of the tent was a three night trip and to avoid a really long review, here are some quick pros and cons.
Pros: The tent sets up easily; the interior pockets are in good locations (on both sides at the narrow end); the LED light strip in a nice feature with multiple brightnesses; tent fabric is thick and provides darkness during daylight hours; mattress is thick and soft and the tent comes with a condensation mat; it's built with a designed heater opening for cold weather camping; quality ladder that's solid when climbing in and out of the tent, openings on all sides of the tent allow for great ventilation of the tent; overall quality including the shell seems fantastic; price point is exceptional; the tent looks awesome opened or closed.
Cons: Closing the tent is tedious - you have to walk around and push in the lower edge of the tent so it gets folded in when clamped shut or the tent does not seal properly. And really that's about it. I'm completely happy with it and will continue to enjoy it and see how it holds up. Customer service is responsive. I'm glad I chose this tent to purchase. I would not hesitate to buy another one.

Nimbus exceeds expectations!

The fit and finish was beyond my expectations, it is a complete aluminum shell with top quality ripstop fabric. All tools and hardware needed to attach it to my roof bars were included, The mattress pad is high quality memory foam padding. The included anti-condensation mat is a bonus. What stands out is the awesome Customer Service and the attention to detail in the development of the Nimbus. Added touches like the raised foot box, diesel heater vent and Led lighting is features that make the Nimbus stand out above the other competition. It would hard to find a better RTT at this price with the above mentioned features. I appreciate the outstanding customer service, always responding via email and taking phone calls providing answers to the customer's concerns/questions.