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November 01, 2021 1 min read 1 Comment

Black Bear Pass, Telluride Colorado 

Black Bear Pass is a picturesque dirt road trail for off-roading enthusiasts. You will occasionally encounter a mountain-biker or hiker while on this trail, but mostly you will find 4x4's wheelers along the way. The course goes down to a breathtaking waterfall with the best views along the way. 

The view from the top of Red Mountain Pass and Telluride is incredible, and you can see both historic mines and dramatic waterfalls. Get close to theBridal Veil waterfalls to feel the mist and head back downhill after your adventurous drive. Be sure to check that your 4WD is in excellent condition.

  • Tip
  • If you are driving an unlicensed vehicle, you should turn around before going down one-way switchbacks or ensure that you have a pickup vehicle waiting for you at the bottom of the trail. 

    Most of the black bear pass trail is easy to maneuver, although you will find that it is rated a difficult path. The track has a mile-long stretch of dangerous switchbacks above the falls, and you should make sure that your 4WD has handy breaks, good tires, and perfect articulation. 


  • Location
  • It starts at the 11,018-foot summit of Red Mountain Pass on U.S. Highway 550 and ends at Telluride, Colorado. The Black Bear Pass/ Road is part of the Forest Service Road 648.

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    October 04, 2023

    Can a stock FJ Cruiser with KO2’s do this reasonably or would it be best to fit it with proper suspension?

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