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All-in-One Diesel Air Heater - Bluetooth Capable

The new functionality and enhanced quality of internal components, along with previously optional parts now included, mark significant improvements. The exhaust tube has been extended to 15 feet. An AC adapter is now provided, allowing for connection to a power station or a 110V outlet. The upgraded sensor, featuring a ceramic coating, ensures optimal performance even in extreme cold conditions, down to -20°F. The fresh air intake and exhaust have been rerouted through new side ports on the units, and the lower portion of the unit's body has been redesigned for improved efficiency and functionality.

Our Diesel Air Heater is completely self contained inside a rugged iron case. Suitable for various applications from rooftop tents, vehicles and even your garage or RV!

Core Features:

-Automatic Altitude Compensation: In plateau mode, the heater can work at altitudes of up to 16,000 feet

Intelligent thermostat control function to ensure you can always properly set your temperature for cold and winter nights. 

- Intelligent Bluetooth App - breakthrough space boundaries, no more unzipping your tent to use your RF remote, operate your heater without ever leaving your tent or facing the cold. 

- Stall adjustment and temperature adjustment, two modes to customize your specific temperature.

- Fault codes display on screen easily solve problems. Reference your user manual for troubleshooting tips.

- Heat up your environment from -40F to 104F within minutes. 

- Power Supply: Car Battery, 12V A/C Adaptor (sold separately)

- 10 Different Fan Power Settings.

- Low Noise Pollution with muffler system built into heater exhaust.


1. Suitable for all 12V vehicles; it can be used for tent or cab heating of various vehicles such as trucks, vans, battery cars, etc.

2. 1KW-5KW power adjustable to meet different needs

3. Compact Iron Case with internal diesel tank

4. Easy to install

5. Environmental products, low emissions, low fuel consumption;

6. Volatilization technology, the fuel is heated and evaporated into gas through the ceramic spark plug, the ignition is fast and the combustion is sufficient;

7. Bluetooth App

8. The use of advanced automatic climate control technology, reliable in abnormal operating conditions.

9. Heat is created by ceramic ignition socket the fuel heating evaporates into gas, rapid ignition, complete combustion.

10. Automatic Altitude Adjustment Support

 -Automatically adjusts the amount of fuel based on the different altitude, manual adjustment is no longer needed;

11. Washable fuel pump to last pump life.

Common Questions:

Will me heater run with a Jackery 500?


Yes but we recommend 1000, however we have a lot of customers using 500-512 and it’s just fine!

How to install and does it include mounting hardware?


You will have to assembles all the piping such as intake and exhaust and air duct but as far as mechanically yes it's pre assembled. No it doesn't come with mounting hardware.


Condition New
Car Air Conditioning Type
Fuel Type
Diesel Only
Switch Type
LCD Switch, Remote control, Mobile App
1KW-5KW Adjustable
Rated Voltage
Fuel Consumption(GAL/H)
Power supply
12V car battery, 12V AC Adaptor (not included)
Working Temperature of the Heater
Working Temperature of the Oil pump
Item Size & Weight
17in*6.7in*16in & 21 lbs.
Fuel Tank
1.3 Gal

Package includes:

1 x Parking Heater
1 x Air Outlet Pipe 
1 x Intake Pipe 
1 x Exhaust Pipe
1 x Air Filter
1 x LCD Switch
1 x Remote Control (batteries included)
1 x Silencer
1 x Wind Head
1 x Exhaust Wrap
1 x Repair Tool
1 x Glove
1 x Fixed Accessories Set as Picture Shows
1 x Manual


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
All-in-One Diesel Air Heater - Bluetooth Capable

So far, worth the cost of admission. Yes, you can get ones from Amazon for 1/3rd the price, but will they stand behind it? Is there any customer service?

I have used this on two 3 day trips in the Sierra's and Mojave Desert. Temps were in the low 20's and snowing. My tent was a toasty 68 degrees. One tank will run for 12 hrs! My wife and I have been thoroughly impressed. Even using a Y splitter and running 1 hose to the tent and 1 to the cab of my trick where my dog sleeps.

Michael Galos
Warm and comfy

Have stayed warm and comfy this amazing winter, camping in as low as -7F. Still had a 0F sleeping bag just in case but completely opened up and used as a comforter coz it was a toasty 55-60F inside the tent on just the 2nd or 3rd heat setting. Really quiet but I also wouldn’t mind the hum and click of the diesel motor coz it’s white noise for me. Use the shortest hose you need, too long will cause heater to overhear and shutdown on middle and higher settings. Making the middle of the night when you wake up from the cold, terrible.