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CloudComfort AirFoam Camping Mattress

Introducing the CloudComfort AirFoam Mattress, the epitome of comfort and convenience for your rooftop camping adventures. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this innovative airfoam mattress offers unparalleled relaxation and support, designed specifically to perfectly fit the 4x4 Colorado Alto, Nimbus and Stratus Rooftop Tents.

Our mattresses have an R value of 9.

Experience a blissful night's sleep on our CloudComfort AirFoam Mattress, where luxury meets practicality. The combination of advanced air and memory foam technology ensures optimal comfort and support, so you can wake up rejuvenated and ready for your next adventure.

The unique form-fitted design of the CloudComfort AirFoam Mattress perfectly contours to the dimensions of your Colorado Nimbus or Stratus Rooftop Tent. Its precision-engineered shape guarantees a seamless fit, eliminating any uncomfortable gaps or uneven surfaces, providing you with a truly immersive sleeping experience.

Thanks to its self-inflating and deflating capabilities, setting up your sleeping quarters has never been easier. Simply unroll the mattress and watch it effortlessly inflate to its full plushness. When it's time to pack up and move on, the quick-release valve allows for a hassle-free deflation process, enabling you to pack up efficiently and hit the road in no time.

Crafted with the finest materials, the CloudComfort AirFoam Mattress ensures exceptional durability and longevity. The high-quality air chambers and premium memory foam blend seamlessly to create an oasis of comfort, while the robust construction guarantees long-lasting performance, withstanding the rigors of your outdoor escapades.

Designed to deliver a luxurious sleep experience in the great outdoors, the CloudComfort AirFoam Mattress embraces the spirit of adventure without compromising on your well-deserved rest. Elevate your rooftop camping experience with this superior airfoam mattress, and let the clouds of comfort cradle you in the wilderness.

**We do highly recommend completely deflating or removing the mattress to make closing your tent seamless, we do close ours with the mattress still partially inflated buts its not always easy especially with bedding, ladders, etc inside. Please also do not leave your mattress inside your tent in hot temperatures. Any damage you may cause because of an overinflated mattress being forced closed or sitting in the hot sun will not be covered under warranty, if you’re forcing too much, you’re doing it wrong! 



Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Upgrade to Alto Mini

Just got my upgraded mattress for Alto Mini - queen size. The standard mattress it came with is okay but had issues with hips and shoulders getting soar. Was on the fence for a while thought about just adding a air camping pad over the standard mattress but decided to get this mattress instead. I just unrolled it and put in the my tent same day I got it. Fit like the standard mattress inside the tent. It aired up and tried it out for about 5 mins and I can already tell this is much more comfortable already. I got it to fit in the tent closed without much problem. Slightly tighter then the mattress it came with but works well. Can't wait to go out and give it a whole night or 2.

Kyle Pavlovsky
Amazing night sleep

So, I have now used the alto elite size mattress in my tent for 3 trips. Each night I get very restful sleep and comfortable temperature wise.

I am a back sleeper and my girlfriend is a side sleeper. We are both extremely comfortable and wake up well rested.

Thick and supportive. I am 6’4 and 240lbs.
More than enough room if you move while you sleep.
Texture of the mattress is good and doesn’t slip around.
Keeps me cool and my girlfriend warm.
Customer service - more at the end.

Durability? Not sure about that yet but it seems to be stitched well and material seems strong.

The self inflating system is not the best. I left the valve open for 30 minutes and it was maybe 1/5 filled at most.

I had a few questions about the mattress and a few other things and Tara was very responsive and was able to answer everything that I needed and more. She gave me more confidence behind the item that I was buying. Enough confidence with her company that I bought the Alto Elite as well. My tent comes in August and I am excited!

Stephen Marone

After one weekend in my Alto Elite, I knew I had to make a change. I was looking at various options before realizing a the form fitted CloudComfort AirFoam mattress was the way to go. Once I figured out the right amount of air for me, I slept like a rock. Must have upgrade!

With a rechargeable pump, I am able to fully deflate the mattress, providing plenty of room for my sleeping bag and pillow. I wanted to use the CloudComfort and the original mattress pad, but I cannot easily close the tent with both so now I have to trash the original pad.

Brandon Todd
Best mattress for the price!

You can go buy a hest and they are nice but this mattress is amazing and just as comfortable and less than half the price! You can't go wrong!

Jon Stoltz
Must have upgrade!

I got this mattress with my tent and I’m so glad I did! Fist trip out was 6 nights and when I got home I had slept better in tent than I did in my home bed. Very worthy upgrade if you ask me.