QuickDown Tire Deflator 4-Set

Sick of using that ball point pen to air down?🖊️💨💨💨

Our automatic tire pressure deflators are the most convenient way to air down your tire.  Initial simple setup calibrates the deflators to your desired psi so each time you use them you just screw them onto your tire valve and walk away.  Deflators release the air in your tire and stop automatically at the psi you set them; so you can be doing other things while they air down.

  • No tools required
  • Adjust tire pressure from 6-30psi
  • Easily disassembled to clean out sand or dirt
  • Made from 100% brass material to eliminate rust
  • Air immediately releases from tire once screwed on, stopping at desired psi

Deflator instructions:

1. Deflate a tire to your ultimate desired pressure.
- Use a gauge and release air to your specific psi.
2. Turn both the lock ring, and the adjustment cap clockwise until both are tight.
3. Screw deflator body on your tire valve stem until tight.
4. Turn the adjustment cap counterclockwise until you hear air begin to escape. 
5. Immediately tighten the adjustment cap slightly clockwise until air flow stops.
6. Turn the lock ring counterclockwise and tighten it against the adjustment cap, just be careful not to turn the adjustment cap.

Pro tip: if you will be airing down to the same psi trip after trip a little loctite goes a long way once you calibrate, reducing vibration and the need to re-calibrate.