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Can I use a 4x4CO RTT with any car?

How do I get in and out of the tent?

Absolutely! Our tents are suitable for any vehicle. Easily attach to your car's crossbars like a ski rack or storage box.
All of our tents come with a retractable ladder. Durable, lightweight, and it fits in your tent!

Where can you use a RTT?

Does it hold up in crap weather?

The possibilities are endless, you can sleep in your driveway, national parks & forests & even Walmart parking lots.
Most would say these tents are just as if not more weatherproof than your vehicle, and definetley much warmer.
We have personally slept through major wind, snow & dust storms. Even a few deep freezes with the help of our trusty tent heater.

How long does it take to set up and break down?

How many people fit inside?

 While each model varies just slightly; each tent can be casually set up in under a minute. We don't aim to be the fastest in the west, just the highest of quality.
Depending on which model you purchase you can comfortably sleep anywhere from 2-4 people & or pets.