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ENSUITE Shower Base

Elevate your outdoor shower.
An elevated bamboo deck makes for a luxurious feeling underfoot (a far cry – or song – from standing in a plastic drain pool), and the slanted hidden flooring beneath efficiently funnels the water – away from your campsite or, filtered, right back to your HOTTAP. Soon enough, you could have never-ending hot showers with only 5L (1.3 gallons) of water.

Your foundation for bathroom bliss.
Compatible with all Joolca tents, the ENSUITE Shower Base lays proper bathroom flooring in seconds. It’s the real deal through and through. A sturdy extruded aluminium frame with glass-filled nylon elbows. A slanted capture tray in welded PVC. An elevated bamboo deck with marine-grade, UV-stabilised clear coat. Stainless steel fixtures. And efficient drain ports for leading water away from the campsite or recirculating back to your HOTTAP.

It’s a good feeling, taking pride in your plumbing.

All you can wish floor.

Packs away into a compact bundle.

Engineering and hardware to support up to 150kg (330 lbs).

A slanted tray funnels water away for recirculation or remote drainag.

A step up from the rest.
Your elevated bamboo shower floor isn’t just nice to stand on – having a raised design also comes with some very practical benefits. Since there’s no pressure on the capture tray below, you can make it out of smooth PVC and give it steep angles for efficient draining. And that in turn enables you to lead water well away from the campsite – or recirculate it back to your HOTTAP.

Above and beyond.

Build your bathroom.
Custom-designed for our ENSUITE Range of privacy tents, the optional recirculation and drain tray keeps your feet clean, your campsite dry and your hot showers everlaaaasting.


Sizing & weight
Weight 10.1 kg (22.2 lbs)
Packed size 95 L x 17 D x 27 H (37 x 6.7 x 10.6 inch)
Weight Capacity 150 kg (330 Lbs)
Floor Area 86 D x 91 W x 9 H CM (34 x 36 x 3.5 inch)
Frame Aluminium
Frame Hinges ABS Plastic
Bag Material 1000D PVC
Bag zipper Heavy duty SBS
Slats Bamboo with Marine grade clearcoat
Capture Tray Welded PVC
What's included
Bamboo Slats 1 Set
Foldable Frame 1 x
Carry Bag 1 x

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