Each model with, or without rack is available for $2500, Yes, even alto elites.

Shipping is $200 for black friday priced tents.
Black Friday Units will take anywhere between 2-6 weeks to your door depending on model



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    We have kits in stock, please verify set up with us first though, not all springs are available.

    Front Coil assembly is Highly Recommended due to the complexity of the rebound adjustment portion of the MRA. Should you choose to assemble them yourself, pay close attention to the the ball bearing used for the rebound adjustment function- You do not want to risk loosing this piece while installing your springs. 

    Built on the Back of the Race Winning Monotube Remote Reservoir (MRR) Shock Absorbers, Dobinsons new range of MRR Adjustable Shock Absorbers combine the best in high performance race-bred Monotube Technology, with an  all new 3-way dampening adjustment system to turn your 4×4 into the ultimate off-road machine. Each component of the MRR Shock Absorber has been refined and improved to offer a higher level of ride quality, vehicle control and shock absorber performance.

    The new 6063 honed Aluminum reservoir, revised light-weight floating piston, Carbon Fiber / PTFE / Disulphide composite wear band, improved 3 stage sealing system, and the ability to run lower gas pressure with the addition of the reservoir compression adjuster; have combined to provide massive reductions in shock absorber friction, resulting in an improved vehicle ride and dampening performance. The revised sealing design now provides a 3 stage FKM-HNBR shaft seal system that, when combined with the reduced operating frictions, provides a vastly increased service life with reduced wear.

    The Micro Polished, Hard Chromed and Heat Treated shock shaft, revised CNC aluminum high flow race piston, and DOM seamless tubing body provides the ultimate in performance and off-road durability. The 3 Way adjustment design reduces the main piston working load, distributing heat more evenly between the main piston and the reservoir piston for reduced operating temperatures, and allows quick and easy damping changes for the ultimate in shock tunability in varying terrain and vehicle loads, to keep you controlled and comfortable.

    The Dobinsons MRR Adjustable Remote  Reservoir Lift kit utilizes large bores, combined with remote oil reservoirs, provide the perfect housing for an enormous oil capacity and surface area to resist shock fade and maintain vehicle handling.

    The MRA Features:

    10 High Speed Compression Adjustments

    20 Low Speed  Compression Adjustments

    15 Rebound adjustments

    What this means is that you are able to tune your suspensions to accurately adjust to your current driving conditions. No Tools are needed to adjust the suspensions compression and rebound settings. The MRA features an easy to adjust knob on the reservoir. Due to the adjustable design there is no longer the need to choose between the firmer and comfort valved shocks, you now have the option to manage your valving on the fly, eliminating the hard choice of weather to buy your suspension based on daily comfort or having suspension heavy duty enough for your hauling needs.

    The MRR Adjustable Shocks / Struts are rebuildable, and include a spanner wrench for height adjustment. Unlike other brands, Dobinsons offers many spring choices; yet the MRA allows for height adjustment. This allows us to use the proper length and spring rate to maximize ride comfort and suspension travel, without relying solely pre-loading the springs for additional height. Pre-loading a spring both reduces ride quality and limits your travel.

    Coil Colors: Teal is standard, Red and Black are available for no additional cost.

    Available in with Comfort, Medium or Heavy Springs.

    Kit includes:
    2″, 2.5″, or 3″ Lift coils (Front and Rear) (Please specify lift height & spring type)
    2 MRR Adjustable  Front Struts
    2 MRR Adjustable Rear Shocks
    Spanner Wrench
    Reservoir Mounting Brackets

    Rear Long Travel Add On Option

    Rear Long Travel is available for an additional cost. This kit will provide an additional approx. 5-6″ of down travel in the rear. It is especially useful in off-camber situations, to help keep all 4 wheels planted on the ground.

    This add on includes: 

    Variable Rate  Long Travel 3″ Coils 

    Long Travel Dobinsons Rear Shocks – These are a firmer shock, They will provide a nice ride, but will be firmer than stock. 

    Brake Line Extensions 

    Bump Stop Drop Kit


    All Dobinsons Suspension features a 2 year warranty.


    If you have KDSS and you have a leaning issue, Dobinsons does manufacture KDSS  2″ Springs that are offset on the passenger side to help correct the kdss lean. If you would like the KDSS springs, select Yes  from the drop down menu and leave a note in the order checkout.

    Upper Control Arms:

    Upper Control Arms (UCAs) are recommended at lift heights of 2.5″ and above, though may be installed with 2″ kits. Typically, if budget is a concern, you can get away with the factory UCAs at 2.5″ though we highly recommend their replacement at 3″. 

    Differential Drop Kit:

    Dobinsons recommends the use of a Front Differential drop kit for lift heights of 2.5″ or above. The Diff drop helps to maintain the factory CV axle angles to increase the life span of the axles. 

    Please Note:

    1. Due to the factory suspension rake the vehicle is taller in the rear than it is in the front, typically by 1″. In order to have a leveled look after the lift, You would order 1″ shorter springs for the rear. If you prefer to keep the factory rake, you would lift the rear the same amount that you lift the front. This does not change the cost. We recommend keeping the factory rake, because if you tow, or add additional weight such as luggage or other gear; it will help keep the vehicle from sagging in the rear.

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