4D-Lumina Series

The Latest in LED Technology, the 4D Optic Series utilizes the state of the art CREE XBD LED chip which now allows us to achieve remarkable amounts of Lumens, which translate directly to the Brightest Light Bar in its class. This Brand New 4x4CO Light Bars features include Durability, Performance, and the 4x4CO LifeTime Warranty.  

COMES WITH: Mounting brackets & Mounting Hardware.

Lens: 4D Optic Reflector With 4D Lens 

LEDs: 3W each CREE XBD LED chip

Power Consumption: Varies

Operating Voltage: 10-30V  DC

Color Temperature: 6000K

Housing Color: Black

Lens Material: PMMA(Polycarbonate)

Waterproof: IP68

Performance Specs: 


4D-Lumina Series [22 Inch] 384Watt / Lumen Total: 44k

4D-Lumina Series [32 Inch] 564Watt / Lumen Total: 65k

4D-Lumina Series [42 Inch] 744Watt / Lumen Total: 100k

4D-Lumina Series [50 Inch] 888Watt / Lumen Total: 105k

4D-Lumina Series [52 Inch] 924Watt / Lumen Total: 110k

4x4CO Full Lifetime Vehicle Light Warranty protects your Performance LED Lights from  LED Failure, Manufacture Defects, and Condensation/Moisture for the lifetime of the Products. Light Bars Affected by moisture due to extreme pressure (power washing - voids warranty)