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October 31, 2021 1 min read

Wheeler Lake, Alma Colorado

This route features beautiful wildflowers and several activity options like mountain climbing/hiking, 4WD drives, and nature walk. It is a starting point for an adventurer or even a nature lover. Another plus for this trail route is that dogs can use this trail. Be sure to keep the leash on as per regulations. 

The road to this trail usually closes during the snow season, especially in November and December. We recommend that you come with your snowshoes as you embark on this adventure. The Wheeler Lake trail is also rated difficult as the road is steep rocky and sometimes immersed in snow.

  • Tip 
  • Bring your snowshoes when you are planning to use this trail.

  • Location
  • Wheeler Lake is located near Alma, Colorado.

    The Colorado routes mentioned above are all rated difficult, but the good news is that they are passable and reaching the end of each trial brings a burst of scenic beauty. Once you have taken the necessary safety measures and made sure your 4WD is in perfect condition to drive through these crafty trails, then you are ready to go on the adventure of your life in Colorado.

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